My experiences with Ayahuasca

How I got to Ayahuasca

I heard about Ayahuasca when I was about 16, when I read my dad’s book from Sting, in which he was describing, how he got to a mass in a local church on his journeys in the tropical rainforest, where people ingested Ayahuasca wholesale. He described in the book very strong experiences and it already fascinated me in that time, notwithstanding I didn’t know anything about shamanism or about this herb. And so I have let it be.

But after a few years on university, in the time, when I already had read The Four Agreements from Miguel Ruiz and many other similar books related to positive attitude to life, magic and shamanism, “by coincidence” (I just don’t believe in coincidence anymore) I got to a lecture about shamanism in some tearoom, via my friend. There, some student of doctor study of psychology was talking about her visit of Peru, specificaly about the Takiwasi treatment center, where they treat drug addiction through Ayahuasca. Even then I decided, that I want to go to Peru and to try Ayahuasca, but I didn’t know a word in spanish and it isn’t the cheapest thing (moreover for a student).

After a year, “by coincidence” I got into the same tearoom again to a lecture about shamanism and a journey to Peru, for which I was invited by my sister, which lives on the other side of the country and which is doesn’t interested in this topic – that was by itself big enough signal for me, that I just has to be there. This time some young boy was talking, a student of recreology, which has (just as it is) flown to Peru to a one specific shaman, to try Ayahuasca. And in the end of the lecture he said to us, that that shaman, at whom he was, is right now in Czech republic, and that people that want, can try Ayahuasca. Although I had examination period, this was something like a miracle for me, because I hadn’t enough money to go to Peru at the moment, and there are almost no shamans in the Europe. So, I packed my sleeping bag, a tent, a sleeping pad and a pail, and I left for that shaman to get rid of my fear, with which I’m fighting for that long time.

The process

When I arrived at the place, I saw such a “little tent city” around a camp fire. I set up a tent and get to know with some people, which have also came to try Ayahuasca. Most of them have already had some experiences with Ayahuasca and all of them have acted positively, helpfuly, joyfuly and peacefuly to me. The ceremony was taking place always in the night after sunset, so there was a lot of time in the daytime, and maybe for this reason I had a feeling for a moment, as if the time had slowed down. I had a walk in the nature for several times and I could “switch off” completely.

In the evening, the fire was ignited, and all of us have gathered around it, gossiped, and waited for the ceremony to start. I had fear a little, because there are many myths around Ayahuasca, but in the end I have find out, that there is nothing to worry about, and especially if you have a good shaman next to you (and that I had). Our shaman acted completely amazingly, strongly, peacefuly, wisely, affectionately to me. Although he was speaking only spanish, some people have known spanish there, so they translated. When time had come, the shaman went round everyone with Ayahuasca, which he was giving on spoon, he determined the quantity by everyone’s specific needs (also by their weight). After that, we could sit by the camp fire for a while and wait, until we felt Ayahuasca to operate in us. It was said to me, that it’s good to keep it inside for at least 40 minutes, but if it can be, then for an hour or longer. It acts slightly different for each person and it’s quite individual.

When we started to feel Ayahuasca inside us, we lied down (someone to a tent, someone under the stars to a sleeping bag (it was quite cold)), and perceived its acting, effects, changes in us. I felt energies inside me very strongly, as if they were passing through me from down below and upside to the head. I pleaded several times the spirit of Ayahuasca, to get rid of my entire fear, negativity and blocks, so that I could move on in my life. Then I suddenly had a feeling, as if my astral body was “swinging” from down below and upside and then again vice versa (but my physical body was lying still, I didn’t feel it) and I had a feeling, that everything is turning with me, I saw the sky above me, which was turning, until it was looking like some vortex, but all of this was pleasant. The interesting thing is, that I saw this only with closed eyes, when I opened them, it was like I felt everything weaker, so I better let them closed and I was focusing only on my interior.

Gradually during the night, various scenes and tableaus were coming by to my head, and they was changing very fast (after several seconds) and I was impartially observing them just like in meditation. At one moment I had even fear, but then I calmed down, a thought had come to my mind, that love is yet stronger than “evil” and suddenly I felt a great relief and a feeling of surrender, as if I suddenly was sure, that nothing can go wrong, that everything that will happen, will inevitably have a good end. Then, images were coming through my head, tableaus of everything of which I had fear to this moment, but it had done nothing to me, I was suddenly feeling such a peace and love.

I was keeping Ayahuasca in me probably over 8 hours, I vomited only by the morning and only for a moment. Someone vomited hour by hour during all the night, someone haven’t vomited at all, it’s quite individual. When I asked the shaman about that lately, he said, that it’s not necessary to vomit, that the longer we keep Ayahuasca in us, the more it operates, but that it’s good to vomit, to throw away from us everything we want to get rid of. Because Ayahuasca has to clean us primarily. Then I asked the shaman, if I had completely get rid of my fear already or what is my situation and he looked at me and told me, that I have nervousness, unrest in me, but that if I will take it one more time and he will treat me during that, that my entire fear will go away. Although I had a very strong idea in my head in the night during the vomiting – “I will never try this again!” :D , this idea had gone the next day and I was excited, that my entire fear could be fixed finally. Because I had very much of it in me, and neither I expected, that it could gone after only one dosage of Ayahuasca, moreover when I tried it for the first time and hadn’t have a purified body.

teriiiiAfter the first Ayahuasca and before the second Ayahuasca – you can eat only in the forenoon and the best is fruit, vegetable, pastry and from meat only fish or chicken (not other meat, milk products, fat things or too salty or too sweat things, neither chocolate)

So, I took Ayahuasca again in the next evening. The shaman was asking me, if I was tottering, and if I vomited more times after the previous dosage. I answered positively for both of these questions and I got one spoon more this time. Then the shaman started to sing and went round us with tobacco, he stopped by each person, layed down his hands on their had, and in the end he blew the tobacco to their face several times. Then we sat by the camp fire again for a while, until we felt the acting of Ayahuasca. The second Ayahuasca had almost the entire (although a little milder than the first) effect on me. In the morning, I get a medicine from the shaman yet, he smiled at me and said “finito”. And I felt an immense grattitude. On the next day I was quite exhausted and hypersensitive, but calm. I finally felt peace and love in me. Perhaps it sounds to “nice”, but I just felt it. And I am feeling to this moment, that it was an awesome experience for me, and that it definitely won’t be the last. I definitely want to try it again, and in Peru at best, because even though it’s easier for me to try it here, it probably should be used in a place where it belongs – in the rainforest.

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